Christina Alex

Manifest a deep and persistent gut feeling in yourself, your gift and talents.

Be the best - you - can think of. Sharpen your self perception and your cognition for others. Learn to be self reliant for your thoughts and actions. 

Your own personal health comes from within yourself. Make sure you feel your best inside and out. Believe in your self to heal yourself!

My wish for you:

Reconnect with your inner sense of trust.

Learn to trust your gut feeling 100%. 

Start to see, feel and live your special gifts. 

Embrace life to the fullest and learn to be happy and content.

Seize your lifes´ path with strength and bravery.

My lifelong training, apart from my personal development spiritually and mediumistically, includes:

  • Bachelor in Communications

  • Seminars "Live by your heart" und "Archangels" by Limarys

  • Light Grids training by Damian Wynne

  • Quantum Healing

  • Mediumistic tuition with Mediums Paul Jacobs, Sally Barnes, Lynn Parker and Libby Clark at Zwanenhof, NL and Arthur Findley College, UK

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