The InspiroCube

I invented the InspiroCube for a playful approach to the prominent questions in life.

Such as:

What makes me really happy?

What is the one thing that I will do only for myself today?

What am I greatful for today?

What ignites my inner fire?

What can I bring to life for others or with others?

What makes me unique?

I received the symbols in my meditations during the twelve holy and spiritual nights around Christmas and New Years (Rauhnächte). The cube has been infused with positive, spiritual energy. It was handmade in a small manufactory in Lindlar, close to Cologne, Germany.  

You can order the InspiroCube via:

Have fun getting inspired, meditating over the questions and playing with your friends and family members!


Wanderlust Table Collection

The Wanderlust Table collection was born out of impulse during one of my travels.

Inviting your home country, your favorite destination, your beloved city into your home.

The Wanderlust tables are rendered and cut true to actual size in various kind of woods. Acrylic and tin inlays of rivers, boarders, sights and cities are included individually. 

Here are a couple of ideas and impressions: Germany, Australia, City of Cologne, Germany and former Selesia, nowadays a part of Poland. 

The tables were first presented on the International Furniture Trade Fair in Cologne, Germany in 2013, in the section Designers Fair. 

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